How many times do they have to hammer silver?

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How many times do they have to hammer silver?

Submitted by benroberts13 on August 17, 2011 - 3:37pm. Hat Tip! 3

How many times do they have to hammer silver before it gives way to their manipulation, as it approaches or exceeds the 40 dollar line in the sand ? To me this is just as startling as the charts which Turd posted at the top. Is this a normal pattern in a market that has as many fundamentals going for it as does silver? No, this is one more blatant example of suppression. I suspect we will see even more takedowns smashing silver under 40 dollars before the week is out. The volume has been very low so far this week. I don't think it would take much effort for them to hit silver all week and into options expiry given their desperation. But, do they care? Hell no !!

Just like the CFTC and Barton their good cop. If Barton had a conscious, he would resign from the CFTC and go public exposing the rest of the crooks that run that criminal organization which attempts to pose as a regulatory agency. They have no credibility whatsoever with any sane, aware, and knowledgeable observer of the PM markets. The scam and the manipulation continues unabated and seemingly without end. I just can't wait until September when and where I hope these bastards are simply overwhelmed, overrun, and bankrupted when the seasonal buyers return in hordes.

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Thu, Aug 18, 2011 - 7:33am
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The more they hold it back the harder it will jump!

I read Harvey Organ every morning and his post from last night confirms what your saying in your post. Take the time to read if you don't already.

In regards to your CFTC comment, It is clear that you know by now that the SEC, CFTC or any other regulatory body is corrupt and on the take. These organizations answer to the Big Banks and the Fed (which are same) they will not under any reason attempt to control the criminal activity of the banks, especially in the gold/silver markets. Every now and then they parade some sorry insider out for public display and let the real crooks continue with the game.

All you can do is continue to prepare yourself for the end of this game. Stack the physical, eliminate your debt and have the supplies needed to keep you and your family as best protected as possible.

I do some trading myself, but I keep it limited and I try to remind myself that the house always wins (until the casino burns down that is). Be careful and be patient....this lid will blow very very soon. Read Harvey today..."something wicked this way comes"

Thu, Aug 18, 2011 - 10:08am ohiometalman
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SEC and CFTC on the Take?

While it's easy to suggest that regulatory agencies are on the take, I think the truth lies somewhere in between.

At its core I think that major government officials have figured out that the Western economic system based on paper/digital debt based currency is a massive Ponzi on the verge of collapse. The implications of such a collapse would be catastrophic, and for that reason anything and everything is being done to hold it together and keep the ignorant masses from bailing out.

In this regard gold and silver are the proverbial speedometers on the fiat money printing press, so governments have a vested interest to see that the prices of these PMs do not run away too quickly. To accomplish this they allow the likes of JPM to manipulate the markets while regulators look the other way. The big banks make huge profits, while governments benefit from keeping the illusion of the American Dream alive.

Despite the manipulations gold and silver continue to rise progressively, and I see the prices of these metals as being akin to the collapse of the twin towers. In other words these prices are suppressed but are allowed to rise progressively to relieve pressure from the system. But the systemic rise in price of PMs is akin to watching fiat currencies collapse in a controlled manner.

In reality it's not PM prices rising so much as the paper currencies they're denominated in falling. And I view it as a controlled demolition spanning many years. At some point it will be time for a reset, and the introduction of a new currency. Preparations for that are now mostly in place.

There's a fine line between civilization and anarchy, and I believe that politicians are terrified of the implications of allowing this current Ponzi to collapse. That said they'll defer to doing anything and everything the big banks tell them to do, in the futile hope that the citizens won't figure out that the entitlement system they've come to depend on (and their pension plans) are bankrupt and soon to be worthless.

On a related note I saw a full page ad for gold in the recent issue of The Atlantic, but it turns out the ad was for a gold ETF. While people are waking up to the illusion of the American Dream and are starting to flee into PMs, far too many are still under the misguided view that paper (or digital) gold & silver are sound investments. That said I am in agreement with holding only physical - provided that these holdings are outside the banking system.

Eric Sprott's physical PM funds are stored at the Royal Canadian Mint. While that's certainly a safe facility I would wonder what happens when the Canadian government and/or Central Bank decides to seize those PMs in the national interest. Perhaps that's why Venezuela is now looking to withdraw their physical metal from the Bank of England for delivery to their own facilities.

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Thu, Aug 18, 2011 - 11:19pm
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As many times as need

As many times as need to keep the game going. The interesting thing is the EE can't keep both gold and silver down at the same time. I would expect gold margins to increase like they did for silver. Turing both markets into to a physical market only. Unless, you are a big dog with deep pockets. But, the more they hit silver, the higher the price goes when the game ends. Prepare.

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