Jeff Nielson: The Economic Rape of Europe Nearly Complete

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Jeff Nielson: The Economic Rape of Europe Nearly Complete
Jeff Nielson: Economic Rape of Europe Nearly Complete, Part I
I have written frequently (but not recently) about the wave of “economic terrorism” which Wall Street launched against Europe – with the full support/blessing of the U.S. government. With that campaign of terrorism having nearly reached fruition, I will review these events one more time.
Economic Rape of Europe Nearly Complete, Part II
In Part I, I explained and (for many) introduced readers to two of the major scam-vehicles which the Wall Street Oligarchs (and a few European brethren) unleashed upon the world – and in particular the nations of Europe. Interest rate swaps and credit default swaps (both forms of “derivatives”) have been used to inflict trillions of dollars in losses on their victims, with no end to this massive tally in sight.
As I watched Wall Street terrorists decimate the debt-markets (and thus the economies) of European nations one-by-one, I had assumed that such an unprecedented economic “attack” against these nations had been a goal unto itself. I was mistaken. Instead, what has recently become apparent is that such terrorist attacks on Europe were merely the means to an even greater end: to completely plunder all the wealth of these nations.
In furtherance of this objective, the banking crime syndicate (and the ultra-wealthy bond parasites whom they represent) have formulated a three-pronged scheme to drain every last drop of wealth from these economies (and nations):
1) Using these fraudulent bond debts to attach a legal claim on the large, national gold-hoards which these nations claim to still possess
2) Attaching “loss guarantees” to the bad-debts of the Euro debt-sinners
3) Ramming through a full economic integration of all these Euro-zone nations
I will address these economic “crimes against humanity” in order.
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Where does the money go?

Let's say Mr. Nielson is correct, and international bankers are plundering Europe. 

Where are they putting that cash?

Seriously ... Are they buying gold? US Treasuries? Private jets? Vacations on the Riviera?

I see a lot of talk about how all this money is disappearing into the pockets of bankers, but I doubt they're stuffing it into their mattresses, and I doubt it's truly just being hoarded in bank vaults at today's miserable interest rates. They must be investing SOMEWHERE or buying SOMETHING, and I'd be very curious to hear about it.


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