Learning to interpret charts, trade options contracts ##HELP##

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Learning to interpret charts, trade options contracts ##HELP##

Greetings all loyal Turdites!

Thus far all I have done with respect to PM's is to stack phyzz.  I'm not too smart, but smart enough to have obtained a degree in Business Administration.  I have a basic understanding of options contracts, but I would like to get a grasp of the actual concepts, i. e. establishing a trading account, with what desk, how to interpret charts, and make trades.

I'm hoping some of you could point me in the right direction/approach to learn, study, interpret, and ultimately execute trades.  Online class? Seminar?  Any insight would be helpful.

My hat is off to Turd, and I enjoy this site immensely.



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Free options course and

Free options course and virtual trading.


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