Dr Freud's Tip of the Day. Gold under spot deal.

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#1 Thu, Aug 11, 2011 - 3:42am
pink freud
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Dr Freud's Tip of the Day. Gold under spot deal.

current spot price. $1786

There is a full page ad in the USA Today paper today (8/11) . Page 4A

1 - 5 - or 10 - $5 gold eagles ( 1/10 oz. ) for $177 for one , $1777 for 10

(btw you can sell them to apmex for $191/$1991 https://www.apmex.com/APMEXTop40/Default.aspx )

the catch... be interested in buying numismatic from them but not right now lol

they will call you every other month to sell you numismatics

the other catch, you can only buy from them once ( i did back in 2006 10 for $595) they stopped calling after i told them "i am not interested in numismatics at all, let me have the other deal again and ill think about it" the conversations ended.

i forgot to bring the paper home with me but if someone has access to a usa today please post the phone number and the code number

its legit

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