JPM's Call of $2500 Gold

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R man J
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JPM's Call of $2500 Gold

I was reading Jesse's Blog and he expressed concern at JPM's call that gold will hit $2500 within a few months. So he took profits today.

My personal belief is JPM is puffing gold for one reason alone:

 ...To keep silver down!!!

Agree or disagree?

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Dr Durden
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When you're the Fed's proxy

When you're the Fed's proxy bank and can speculate all you want and never have to take a loss, then you recommend anything you want, sell into your client's conviction, F them in the A, and make money while they bleed out.

They're not puffing REAL gold, they're puffing paper...which they're long until $2500 at which point they  short slam it and collect on the way down. They don't call them "The Morgue" for nothing.

Jesse maybe French, but he's a smart cookie. 



"It's called the American dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it." ~George Carlin

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