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Blythe Masters' Personal Blog & Facebook Page!

Gold is trading at $1800, and silver remains capped under $40.

Feel free to express your feelings to Blythe at her personal blog

Or on her personal Facebook page.  (Facebook comments are removed within minutes and expect to be permanently banned from Blythe's facebook page like we were!)  ;)



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This is amazing.  Just wait

This is amazing.  Just wait till this catches on she'll have to shut the blog down, ideally.   I'm LOL'ing already.  Someone who has more balls than me, and a blogspot account, please tell her I'm interested in a date.  I'm 5'10, balding, blue eyes, nice medium build and I can go all night long.


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I believe I am winning

I have commented on Ms. Master's blog 4 times, twice today, and after at least three moderation sweeps, both of my posts of today are still there.  Outside of my comments, I think only 2 others exist- from her 8/3 posting, and Christophe will be gone next sweep. It looks to me like Ex-Dissident and I are the only commentors to ever survive the moderation sweeps. This is a sign to go long the AGQ, as I see it.

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this was really excellent- from this am (EVIL WITCH)

vtwiner1 said...

Events like this, although
Very seldom are
Incredibly important.
Lovely presentation by the way!

Wish I could assist someday...
I can't though, 'cause I live
Too far away from Harvard.
Could travel, though.
How nice it would be to meet you :)


August 11, 2011 9:43 PM

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great stuff, thanks for

great stuff, thanks for posting.

I did my part :)

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The previously posted links end in a dead page.  I'm not one for slander but enjoy living vicariously.  Here is the blog: 

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