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Searching posts by username

I think we need this feature where when we click on the username of poster - we can get a list of all posts made by that poster (atlee or pailin or Joe)

PhPBB or VBulletin boards have this particular feature.


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Two options rishi (and this

Two options rishi (and this has been discussed elsewhere in the Site Comments & Feedback forum):

  1. Click the user's name, then click the "History" tab in their profile.  You'll see all the areas of the site where they have commented.
  2. Click the Comments link on the top navigation bar (, enter a user's name and click "Apply".  You'll see a summarized list of all comments they have made on the site.  You can also filter the results by date and the name of the thread (for example, Pailin's Trading Corner).


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RE; "You can also filter the results by date .."

You can also filter the results by date..

I believe that function could use a little rework. The date default is Jan 1 2011, which should pull up all posts, by username, from the default date to present date. If you do that, you get zero results. However, if you change the date to the present date, you get a list of all comments ever posted by the username selected in the filter. The filter selects  comments from forward date back, instead of prior date forward.

Thanks, you are doing a great job on this web.

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