Technical analysis beginner

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Technical analysis beginner

I’ve read Dr. Alexander Elder book, “Come Into My Trading Room,” and now am studying it more closely. Can someone point me to a web site, software, online broker, etc that has all the technical analysis tools so I can begin practicing what I’m learning?

I trade with Fidelity, but it only has the basic charting tools. I tried building my own, but I don’t think that’s going to work.

Thanks in advance for any help given!  

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Most of what I've learned I've learned from Sinclair and Dan Norcini over the years.  Sinclair's archives at go over all of the basics about trendlines, channels, use of fibonacci and french curves. There's tons of information in there.  I'd go back to 2002-04 time frame as that's when he was doing most of his chart teaching. 

I've become less and less impressed with the technical indicators and tend to just use trends, fibonacci and horizontal resistance/support as guides to what can/should happen next.  If you use those in combination with volume most of the picture will become clear as to what's going on.  Then it's just a matter of deciding on entry/exit points and that's, honestly, a personally defined art-form based on what you can and cannot tolerate.



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