Cramer Sucks :)

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Cramer Sucks :)

I don't think too many would disagree with the title of this topic, but this video may help if you're unconvinced. Fundamentals are sometimes trumped by simple demand. Here Cramer recommends both gold and silver in August 2010, but says buy gold for September (Asian wedding month buying comes in) and silver after in October. He thinks there's a great chart story for silver to go from $19 to $24 in the following 12 months before falling back again :)

Cramer vid

I ran the numbers for spot gold vs. silver open/close for September 2010. Gold - up 4.8% (nice!), silver - up 12.4% (much nicer!!)

Moral of this story - gather data and interpret, but THINK FOR YOURSELF.

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Cramer is a Tool

Cramer Vision is a nice tool to decipher what MSM wants to push this week to the sheeple.

Not quite as obvious as say a Jon Nadler but very helpful none the less.cheeky

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