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Bad Tulving Experience

I've been following this website since it's launched, and finally decided to create an account. I was trying to purchase my 2nd monster box of silver eagles today, and decided to go with Tulving after reading some reviews. They had some of the cheapest prices around, so it seemed like a great place to buy from.

I spoke with Hannes, and I was told to create an account with them via email. I went through the process, which seemed very incomplete to me (only requiring the ship to address). After various questions, it became very clear that he was very uncommunicative. After agreeing on a price, I asked if there would be an invoice or a receipt emailed to me. The response was simply no.

Perhaps not to you, but $20K+ is a lot of money to me, and the lack of information/communication involved had me uneasy about wiring money to him. So, I stated I was going to start the wire process and wanted to just confirm who he would be receiving the wire from, and where the box would be shipped to. This was his response:

"We ship $2 1/2 Mil A DAY. WAY to much work. Order Cancelled. Good luck."

He said it was way too much work to confirm the information (shipping address) and canceled my order right as I was calling to wire the money. At this point I am glad I never wired the money, and I'm surprised at the way he communicates with customers.

Personally, I don't think I can recommend Tulving if you are making a large and important purchase.

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