collective buying power

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collective buying power

Duno whether it's been said before, seems too obvious not to.

Been thinking about this and might be a good idea, providing a good turn out.

I heard a story about an online group that did all their alcoholic buying in groups (100's). They would ring around the shops and say i will bring 400 customers to your shop if you can give us a group discount, as you'll make it back with the volume of sales.

One agreed 20% saving for everyone and queued outside the shop to get their bargains.

So what if we had a close group buying in bulk to save together on buying silver or gold?

You need but look at the difference in price per gram of gold sized coins.

If you buy in bulk you get better value for money.

So what i was thinking is getting my friends together who want to buy silver and buy together and get more bang for our buck.

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