Here comes the "One World" currency

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Here comes the "One World" currency

This slipped largely under the radar, but the IMF is making noise about creating a new "SDR" reserve currency, which will basically be a token that can be cashed in for any country's money.

This is actually a BIG deal, because currently anyone with billions of dollars to stash buys US Treasury bonds (as Martin Armstrong says, "You can't put that kind of money in a bank.") If they suddenly have a less-volatile alternative, Uncle Sam is going to have a hard time peddling his wares.

Interestingly, the New World Order conspiracy folks have been predicting a global currency for a while, as a first step to global government. How long before the non-negotiable SDR tokens become the ONLY negotiable currency?

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Sun, Aug 7, 2011 - 10:33am
John Galt
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Thanks for posting this - it

Thanks for posting this - it is indeed big news, and most people do not see it coming.

From the standpoint of a New World government the SDR will be the ultimate tool of controlling populations by controlling their money supplies. Now that economies are globalized and integrated they are interdependent. Their means of trade with one another, and transferring wealth, is determined by rates of exchange. By interjecting the SDR into this system the Bankers will get complete control over this process and will have exclusive discretion over controlling the masses.

At a moments notice they'll be able to send the value of one country's currency sky high - making it impossible for those citizens to compete globally with their goods and services. This, in turn, ends up transferring real asset wealth from citizens there to the Banks. Conversely, other countries could see their currencies pegged extremely low, thereby creating economic booms in those places since the goods and services there are suddenly more competitive in price. Once asset prices rise in those areas the Banks can flip the switch and trigger a whole new wave of wealth transfer into their coffers.

In my opinion any country or group of citizens getting wise to the ploy, and rebelling against it, would be summarily crushed - first by having their local currency revalued in a disadvantageous way against the SDR and, if that doesn't work, by brute force.

In my opinion this will be the ultimate way to enslave the global human population, because compliance will take place willingly under the guise of freedom.

The next step will be to ramp up the economic crisis, to get the frighten masses to beg for the introduction of this new form of currency.

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