Bernanke gets drunk and spills the beans

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Bernanke gets drunk and spills the beans,21059/

If only this were true.  Had a good laugh though.

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Is the story true or BS?

Is the story true or BS/

Jasper Puddlemaker
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Of course it is...

robreke wrote:

Is the story true or BS/

True of course!  I mean, it is from "The Onion" after all.  We're talking The Onion - an impeccable news organization -  not something like the Weekly World News for goodness sakes.

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Hilarious quote from end of

Hilarious quote from end of article:

Customers at the bar told reporters the "shitfaced" and disruptive Bernanke refused to pay for his drinks with U.S. currency, claiming it was "worthless." Witnesses also confirmed that near the end of the evening, Bernanke put money into the jukebox and selected Dire Straits' "Money For Nothing" to play five times in a row.

"This is what it's all about," said Bernanke, who reportedly danced alone in the middle of the dark tavern. "Fucking love this song.


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