Mexico to back the peso with AG

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Mexico to back the peso with AG

hugo salinas was on KWN a while back and did a few other interviews in late may like this

curious your thoughts on if/when this could haPPen

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"About political stability: I

"About political stability: I don't think American political stability is stronger than ours. We don't have Tea Parties and we don't think about taking up guns and holing up in our houses. Matter of fact, I think I see a Revolution brewing right in the old U.S. of A. But of course, we can always be the object of "Regime Change" by the Powers That Be in Washington, D.C. It's happened before, though most Mexicans are not aware of the fact that our Glorious Revolution of 1910, was a "Regime Change" Operation, carried out covertly by the U.S., because Mexico was getting too prosperous and inviting European Capital into the country, in preference to American Capital. So, it can happen again – any excuse will do. How about: "The Drug War in Mexico threatens American security"? That ought to do the trick."

Actually, he needs to worry about losing his country first.  Thing is, the European descendants of the Spaniards have ruled over the native indians for over 500 years, and the indians/mixed bloods who identify more with the indian side of things are tired of the lack of opportunities in México.  They may be using the drug money to eventually fund a revolution there.  They're certainly building up the firepower there.  He doesn't understand why we have firearms in the first place.

But, I think he does have the right idea on things otherwise.  Problem is, the Spaniards in the mexican gov't have to step out of the way and allow it to happen.  Problem is, they're terrified of the Indian Problem on their hands.  They know that if the Indians get too strong economically, eventually payback will be coming for centuries of mistreatment.  México could be falling soon once the drug war gets out of hand (and I think it's already happened).

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