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Political Solutions

Enough bickering. Time for solutions. Here are some of mine:

(1) It's all about the incentives.

(2). Realign the incentives, problems solved.

Here's what I mean. Take a person who wants to save money for whatever reason, maybe retirement, or college, or a downpayment, etc. So the person puts money into an account, earns some nominal interest. In reality, the person is being penalized. First, the penalty is by inflation, then second, by perverse negative incentives like taxation of interest earned. So, what are the options? should the person put the money into the stock market? Sure, that is where the incentives are, like a lower capital gains tax rate, for example. But who benefits from this arrangement? See, it is biased against the saver.

So, the first thing that I would do is to remove all taxes from all savings accounts. I would create a transaction tax on every single financial transaction, which would create a strong disincentive to move money around or play the market.

I would give a tax break to every single small business. No taxes on first $1,000,000 of revenue. No payroll taxes paid from employers. All wages and benefits paid to employees are business expenses, and totally tax free to the employer. Small businesses are immune from federal workplace laws, like ADA, EEOC, etc. Small business manufacturers are immune from strict products liability.

There must be a strong disincentive from growing too big to fail. Companies with more than 10,000 employees must pay a heft size tax. This would create incentive to spin off successful units, and to keep small so as to be nimble. Too big to fail leads to monopoly and lobbyists and hence corruption.

These are some initial thoughts. More coming. Please share. Maybe someone in power will listen?

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"To save yourself from all this that has happened and will continue to happen requires commitment and courage. You have it or you do not. Admit who you are and act accordingly."
Jim Sinclair, December 18, 2012.

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Medicare solution

Being that Medicare is the biggest thorn in the bush, here's my partial solution.

There are allot of todays boomers that are attaining the age of 65 with the benefit of an insurance carry over from previous job's. The problem with how Medicare is set up is, regardless of your situation Medicare becomes the primary carrier.

This needs to be reversed for those that are already covered upon age 65. Medicare should be secondary, covering the balance of what the primary carrier does not. There exist 100's of billions of Bernanke bucks to be saved per year with this one simple move, and adding further, the primary carrier gets to bill at Medicare rates.

Doing so, will auto cut Medicare's cost by 50-60% (low balled) for those that are already covered.

Not only will this take a massive strain off of Medicare, it will also shift the burden back to the insurance industry to deal with the rising cost of healthcare in this country as TPTB on the hill still play in a dark room with no light.

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Bring home all the troops.

Bring home all the troops. All the troops. Not some. All. every. single. one.

End all foreign aid.

Ween people off social security and medicare, while allowing young people to opt out. Then eliminate these programs forever.

Immediately eliminate the income tax, and eventually all withholdings.

Take an axe to the depts, like "education".

End the FED, allow competing currencies.

There are no political solutions. Politics is all about stealing from others. I have no interest in preserving Medicare, Medicaid, or social security. The status quo has got to go.

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Mr Picklepants you tickle the

Mr Picklepants you tickle the pickle in my pants with talk like that.

I think I could go with two modifications.

Constitutional amendment to outlaw deficit spending under penalty of death, with no allowance for leniency. 

Decrease the income tax by 1% per year until it hits 0.

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