Trading AG/USD or AU/USD...

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Trading AG/USD or AU/USD...

For those who are able, is anyone trading these pairs?  If so, what strategy(s) do you recommend?

My knowledge of gold/silver puts/calls/options is very limited, so even though I am only in physical gold & silver, I was hoping to take advantage of the orchestrated smack-downs by the EE by shorting AG/USD and/or AU/USD at the opportune moments.  The trick is knowing when this occurs.  I suspect getting charts that show volume might help.  Any suggestions?  Thanks in advance!  And all the best to everyone here...

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To know when smack-downs

To know when smack-downs occur you can check recent charts from Turd, apparently 3:00AM EDT is becoming quite popular.

To check volume for silver and gold: click here, don't know where do they get the data from, but may be useful. Click on View -> Show volume chart

I feel very uncomfortable shorting, specially knowing that Gold is going to infinity, so if you try to short, have the stop-loss ready, or pull the plug manually if you believe the take down has stopped.

It's important to note that with most forex brokers you can't have a long and short position for the same pair, so you can't have your short running, and try to go long, because those operations cancel each other.

Honestly, I prefer to BTFDs, specially when Turd calls a bottom.

Can't think of anything else right now, I'll come back if something else comes to my mind. Will subscribe too in case someone replies.


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