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Wish to provide

an analysis of a company I have literally stumbled over. It's trading at 25 cents m/l, and is on the verge of producing gold in the USA

Of course, I'd like to do something useful for all, but have little to no experience at doing this. this is how I learn. I have prepared a list of questions I want to ask and report on.

I am asking if I should ask other questions, or if the questions listed are or are not useful.

I have picked up a few shares of this company and it seems like they are poised to come into some share holder appreciation, unless the entire financial structure collapses. laugh

Here's my list, and it's probably fairly weak. I'd like to make it better, input appreciated.

  1. Are  you an employee of the company (or have they outsourced this function)?
  2. Is the company hedged?
  3. Specifics as to drill program.

Release date results

# ounces proven, indicated, inferred-AG, AU

Begin production date

Capacity utilization

Who is your customer

Mill location and ownership percentage

Future exploration plans, potential

  1. Ownership: Names, percentage, etc
  2. Shelf registrations  (also Bought Deals in progress or unannounced)
  3. Fully diluted shares
  4. % insider ownership
  5. Debt
  6. Cash position
  7. Cash flow?
  8. Acquisitions/Be acquired?
  9. Project locations, percentage ownership
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