A must read for silver lovers and EE haters

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A must read for silver lovers and EE haters


I'm urging everyone here who likes to read about silver and hates the EE to check this out and spread it around. You will not be disappointed.



The website below offers a free sign up for the link I just provided up above. That's what I just did.


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An epic lack of foresight, accuracy and rationale...

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Ive been reading Johnny

Ive been reading Johnny Silver Bears site since 2005 :)

Got a cool hat there too ;) 

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Great Article!

Great article Haze!cool

If that article doesn't fire you up to buy physical Silver you might not have a pulse. lol

Got Silver?

Got enough Silver?

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Difficult to read

Ordinarily I get put off by the complaints of 'grammar police', but that article is so full of grammatical peculiarities that it really was difficult, for me at least, to read.

Essays like this should be proofed more thoroughly before they're posted on the internet.  It's sad but true that for many people poor grammar reflects negatively on the point somebody is trying to make, though truth to tell, it shouldn't.

No matter, I'm already committed to stacking silver - got some more eagles today!

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