CNN Debt Clock - Turdite Predictions: Game!

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CNN Debt Clock - Turdite Predictions: Game!

Fellow Turdites...

With all the serious discussion we have here - how about a game for fun (on a serious issue of

The CNN Debt Clock is presently:

 6 Days...4 Hours...25 Minutes...Zero Seconds...EST

What time will be on the CNN debt clock when they announce a deal?

Lets hear(read) your predictions:) Rule: Everyone gets one call - no edits; Mods can confirm:P

Closest wins - without going over (The Price is Right way).

You can be bold and even predict they won't reach a deal.

Winner gets - bragging rights?  - Maybe someone will come up with an interesting idea;-)?

FriedEggs (4 Hours and 20 minutes - 0 days)

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I wager

July 28th whenever Congress is set to vote on Boner...ahem...Boehner's deal. 

If it doesn't pass on the 28th, then BHO will almost certainly use the 14th amendment and raise it himself.  If that happens though I think both Moody's and S&P quickly downgrade US bonds.

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I'll say...

58 minutes. I think they are going to want to see how panicked everyone will get as it gets close, or if no one really cares.

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