Coin tubes for Philharmonics?

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Coin tubes for Philharmonics?

So a while back I bought 10 Austrian Philharmonics.  Now I'm buying 10 more to fill up a tube... but I have no tube for them.

Online, they seem to be $5 - $10 (after shipping), just for a stinking plastic tube.  Right now I have them wrapped in foam in a ziplock bag with a dessicant.  Not really ideal for storage, IMO.

Any suggestions?  Can't figure out what the cheap option is here (other than what I'm already doing).

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Coin shops, APMEX

APMEX has some -starting at $0.49 (plus whatever for shipping). Prices have gone way up over the past 2-3 years for these. Maybe something to buy extras for future use.

Also - check your local coin shop(s) (my local shop sells them for $0.80 each).

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one slightly cheaper on

one slightly cheaper on feebay

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