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eBay Bargains Thread

Not sure if this is the right spot for this thread or even if the staff will allow, so mods please do what you see fit.

I haven't seen a thread specifically dedicated to posting eBay auction bargains and deals, so I figured why not.

The point here is to post links to the auctions or the auction# as to benefit your fellow Turdite in his/her quest in heavy metal accumulation.

A couple points that should be mentioned first:

​1) DYODD: Do you own due diligence before you buy. Yes there are people out there with dubious intentions. Yes there are dishonest piles of crap, too. If it's too good to be true, it usually is. Read up on the Buyer Protection policy if you're concerned about being ripped off. I've purchased nearly $20,000 in PM's through many different sellers and haven't had a single problem *knock on wood*.

2) Cashback programs linking to eBay.com have been suspended as of the opening of the Bullion Store. Last I saw, they're supposed to be back in October. However, you can still earn 2% cashback in Canadian currency if you click through greatcanadianrebates.com and buy on eBay.ca. I've done this and it works exactly like eBay US as far as check out goes. Due to currency trade, you're more likely to earn about 1.9% CB in $US.

3) Sign up for eBay Bucks if you haven't already. It's 2% CB in the form of coupon coded issued by eBay at each quarter's end. Yes, of course, you have to use PayPal.

Now, on with the show.

Well wouldn't you know, the deal I was going to post already got scooped up. Lots of demand out there. Crap, sorry guys.

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