Another Silver Drive By Shooting Coming?

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Another Silver Drive By Shooting Coming?

By Silver Shield,on July 24th,2011

The possibility of another drive by shooting is only possible because of people actively and passively supporting the dollar paradigm. Every dollar in the system is leveraged and gives massive power to those that seek to enslave the world with debt and death. Their system is mathematically and inevitably going to collapse. This collapse will be the single largest event in human history and silver is the best arc to protect your family against the tides of change coming.

The mathematically inevitability collapse of all paper assets and the reality it presents,is a much greater threat that any temporary drop in the paper price of silver. (Silver should be at least $500 right now to reflect real inflation. This does not take into consideration the total collapse of all paper assets where silver would become priceless.

The ground breaking Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield laid out the case for selling all of your paper assets and buying physical silver. The thesis is that silver is the most undervalued asset in the world due to decades of silver manipulation. The only way to bring about REAL effective change is to create a physical default. Buying physical silver is the most revolutionary act one can be making to make REAL effective change in this corrupt and dying paradigm.

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