Friends, Family, Colleagues and PMs

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Friends, Family, Colleagues and PMs

One of the main reasons I love this site is that I can discuss PMs with a community of like minded people.

See, the problem I have with "real life" is that nobody I know invests in gold or silver.

As is common with the members here, I've gone blue in the face trying to convince people I know about the fundamentals for precious metals, but not one single person I know has any exposure to the shiny stuff.

After silver bounced off 33 / 35 about six or seven times in June I told my older brother, this is your best chance to get in. Deaf ears. I have decided to just shut up about the metals now and let my love ones suffer. What more can I do!

Just wondering if you guys have friends or family who have invested in PMs with or without your input.

PS - I initially got into gold because I was going to short it this time last year as I thought it was in a bubble (like the rest of the plebs). Did my DD and my opinion turned full circle!

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Mon, Jul 25, 2011 - 9:29am
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Few of my family and friends

Few of my family and friends can afford gold at these prices, or will spend at these prices if they could afford it. And most all of my Christian compatriots don't feel their need of it, but they do love their pensions and IRAs and retirement savings. Oh well....

Just found out a cousin is into gold and silver. wow...

Mon, Jul 25, 2011 - 10:58am
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Congrats on turning full

Congrats on turning full circle. That might be a way to convince your friends and family. Tell them your own story, and encourage them to do their own research.

I've worked hard over the past few years go get my family educated. It's been like pulling teeth. It's still like pulling teeth. But gradually, with consistent effort, I've managed to get some of those teeth out.

Personally, I can't stomach the idea of watching my friends and family get wiped out. If you knew that a famine was coming, wouldn't you warn family and friends to store food? In fact, a famine might just be coming.

The normalcy bias prevents people from listening, but you have to start planting seeds now. As the economy worsens, they will listen to you more and more. Ideally, they should prepare now, but better late than never.

I have a few friends who are still holding out. At some point, they'll change their minds. The economy will force them to. And although they'll be late to the game, at least they'll still be ahead of other people.

Mon, Jul 25, 2011 - 11:26am
prepareville, OH
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Here is what I find in my circle

The boomers of the family (we will say 55 plus years old), just refuse to notice that PM's protect your wealth. They have a mis-guided (brainwashed) opinion that the government will continue to take care of things for them and would never do something to bring harm to the American people. In other words, they refuse to believe the evidence that would suggest otherwise. Frankly, I have given up on this group to either rise up or even raise their voice.

The middle age group (we will say 35-55) are all over what is happening. Now I am not saying everyone is buying gold or silver, but they are paying attention and I have had several good conversations over the last 3 years with this age group and many like myself are planning accordingly.

The under 30 crowd...still not paying attention, iPhones, ipads, partying....whatever. This will be your first group of "what the hell happened?"

In short, I speak to anyone who will listen and my very, very favorite introduction is a pre-1964 quarter in my pocket...and I ask, what can you get today for 25 cents? Did you know that this quarter got you a gallon of gas in 1964 and it still gets you a gallon of gas (well actually 2 gallons or so today) can move into inflation and the fed at that point and most people get it. You may not convert someone right away, but it wakes them up.

By the way, I love this website, just for the reasons stated above. Wish I had more like minded people to talk to around me for when they shutdown the internet in the future. Prepare accordingly!

Mon, Jul 25, 2011 - 12:03pm
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I agree with your generalization, of course there are outliers, but it sums it up pretty good. It is disheartening about how clueless some people are about the situation of country let alone other countries. That under 30 (the one I'm in) will listen, but most seem to just blow it off. They say why would "I spend money on that when I could buy clothes, phones, jewelry, etc. ?" I try and talk to friends and family to educate but few listen. Any ideas about how to get the word across better or more clearly?

Mon, Jul 25, 2011 - 12:13pm
On the Border
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I am also from your part of the world. I am referred to by my wife and sons as Mr. Conspiracy Theory (lovingly). I have been softly selling everything we all in Turdville already know to my family and friends for three years.

The sons are 25 to 30 and don't have the where withal to save, like you said, too busy spending and enjoying.

The older group who are financially sound are actually coming around. One of my longest friend and associate who is 67 was talking to his gardener and almost died when he heard what the guy told him. Turns out the gardener is in his second career. His first was in financial planning. When the "gardener" told him he had $800,000 in physical gold, my preaching of the last tree years finally took root.

Another of the same age recently retired, also started. He has always been a hiker, camper, gunner, and business owner. Always invested in stocks, bonds, etc, took his first jump into metals.

Another who owns a lumber company has also started adding to his PM investments with investments in water (WTR), and natural gas ( CHK, FCG, CLF). He says they next time the market melts down he will be more prepared. People will need water, energy and PM.

I believe I have a small nucleus who have the resources to protect ourselves in the event of an event. But there is strength in numbers. I am concerned we can be cut off from communicating with like minded people, such as those on this blog. That said, I am also worried that our security could be in jeopardy by sharing too much on this blog.

How do we balance these out?

I posted this in the Admin forum the other day. It was in regards to hat tips but the end of the post speaks to the issue I am referring.

Hat tips Hat Tip! 1

With all this talk about them I thought of the following:

1) In addition to the hat tip leader board, create a chart of all members with their hat tip totals in a members info forum. Although I am an avid reader, I normally read Main Street, Pailin's Corner, Eric O's and Hi Ho Silver. I have read interesting posts by others in other forums that would stand out if we had a list.

2) Forums most frequented by poster

3) Date the member joined.

4) Location of member if the member has one in his profile.

5) By creating this we will be organizing our community if and when we ever choose to learn more about each other in the future. No information would ever be shared that the member does not put into their personal file. The personal file info could be expanded to favorite music, hobbies, pets ,etc. By reading everyone's posts we often learn this info, but it is difficult to remember who likes Dylan more than the Eagles or who hates cats and loves dogs.

Some of this info always shows up when we post in a forum. It would be nice to see it in the aggregate.

For those who are familiar with Mike Ruppert he has created a pay community called I am NOT a member. I think it was Groucho Marx who said any club that wants me, I don't want to be a member of. I am not convinced that I want myself to be associated with his group. I respect him immensely but I am sure that TPTB have no love for him or his members.

Mon, Jul 25, 2011 - 6:01pm
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it sucks not knowing anyone

it sucks not knowing anyone in real life to talk to about PM's. Noone to ask questions to or just hold a friendly conversation with, boooo!

Good thing there is the internets!

Tue, Jul 26, 2011 - 7:49am madcow
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Would you believe, my mother gave me some cash to invest for her in PMs. 5% of her savings, but it's a start! She must have seen this thread!

I've gone for a split between two junior miners. Welcome aboard Mammy!

Tue, Jul 26, 2011 - 5:16pm
Jasper Puddlemaker
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boil_in_the_bag_rice wrote:

Just wondering if you guys have friends or family who have invested in PMs with or without your input.

No. None. A few family and friends have been aware of my opinions, and my investment actions taken, for over 10 years, but none have followed suit.

Reasons I have personally heard:

"I am afraid to buy gold."

"Maybe they will get it fixed."

"My investment advisor knows what he is doing."

"Sounds like Rush Limbaugh" (WTF!? I don't even listen to talk radio, and I know they absolutely don't.)

And my favorite during the '08 meltdown: "It was only paper profits anyway."

I assume a few of them might jump in at the top (if they have any money left) because that is what clueless people do.

Wed, Aug 3, 2011 - 9:58pm
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confiscation and human nature

As we move deeper and more profoundly toward chaos, I'm thinking chacun pour soi and deux pour tous ( Every man for himself, and God for us all. Gonna keep my mouth shut from here on out. No one is listening anyway, and I'm only inviting robbery, snitching and etc. at a later date, with human nature the way it is. My 10 years of begging and pleading and etc hasn't led to one person buying except me. Many say oh I will, but watch the news and bobble head pundits, see no one else is doing it, and back to watching dancing with the stars. Organisms adapt or die, change or perish. I'm too busy trying take care of myself, to try to pull everyone on board. When shit gets bad enough, these will be the same mutha fkers who will turn you in to the confiscation police or some other homeland security agency for a fiat currency tip. Just wait, they'll be telling you to buy at the top of the bubble, when everyone else is buying 1/50 ounce of gold dust on infomercials for 500 bucks a pop, because dust will be all that is left for the proles. or they'll have buying clubs like amway where you can share an ounce of gold with 20 people and double your money in a month, yeah the scams will be endless. Think of some now, so you can profit later. Be a shark, an opportunist, and pass your wealth on to your kids. Take good notes so your kids don't end up fools too. you'll be a legend to your family 500 years from now, if YOU KEEP YOUR FOOL MOUTH SHUT!