Taxes, Entitlements, and Other Potentially Divisive Stuff

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Taxes, Entitlements, and Other Potentially Divisive Stuff

Moving a discussion over from Pailin's Trading Corner. Here you can discuss the merits or demerits of entitlements and whatnot. Please try to stick to issues instead of personal attacks if you can, otherwise, have at it!!

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Sun, Jul 24, 2011 - 6:48pm
Joseph Lawrence
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atlee wrote: Joe Congrats for

atlee wrote:


Congrats for being self sufficient. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all our citizens were instilled with the same values and blessed with the good fortune (health, loving family, nurturing environment, intelligence, etc) you and your ancestors have enjoyed.

Civilized societies have a social safety net for the less fortunate. It is not a high life style. It is a meager existence, a step above pauper. Bad things happen to good people and some end up in situations through no fault of their own. In the richest nation in the world, many seniors have to make a choice between taking medication and eating! But that is not your problem is it? Shame on you!

Cut all foreign aid before you cut the safety net for our citizens and taxpayers. Take away tax credits to oil companies and jet owners etc. Incomes over $250,000 should pay more.

You know the end result is to take away from the poor and use those savings to finance the next war or fund the stabilization fund or whatever. Those savings will not be used to reduce anything.

To be perfectly blunt, if you have no compassion for those less fortunate than you and yours, then I have no further interest in helping you gather more fortune for yourself. In fact your attitude strikes me as elitist.

Once upon a time this was a trading thread but it seems reprobates are hijacking and polluting it.

I take this as a wake up to realize that I am helping the likes of you profit.

It ends now.

Thank you Atlee - With your approbation as an elitist, I do feel that I have now arrived. It is interesting to note that a reasoned response to a philosophical post that you as a moderator posted, elicits such a personal attack is quite telling of your character. As to your threat to take "your ball and bat and go home", well, you presume too much. I did not intimate that I have profited from your advice above any other. As to my good fortune, I am amused that a 25 year career of 80+ hour work weeks and a severe education in the college of hard knocks is ascribed to be something that no one else could enjoy. That it is an interesting view of the world.

Yes, it is indeed quite a blessing that my grandparents survived the Great Depression sharing what little food was available as their parents would not accept government assistance. It certainly was a blessing to have a father and mother that broke their backs so that my brother and I could achieve a college education without government assistance. I certainly do appreciate the opportunity to have had the career that has allowed me to profit from my efforts. I only hope that my nephews and nieces will also be so blessed to be able to look back and say that they were also to be able receive some benefit from their hard work without it being taken from them.

I do not post regularly as I have not assumed that I could add to the discussion. Unfortunately, my point at this time is to note that our condition as a nation unfortunately requires us to leave no option out. The options you listed do indeed have merit and I would also add to that the imperative need for destruction of the fascist relationship of corporate/banking government alliance we find our selves laboring under. We face a tyranny of oligarchs and a tyranny of the recipients acting in an unlikely concert to destroy a once thriving nation. I seek every little advancement that could possibly improve our probability of survival as a people and a nation, and I will not turn aside even the smallest attempt to improve our situation. I am only moved by to distraction by those who would say " Not I".

While I have not attempted to educate the internet audience at large, I have shared every beneficent piece of knowledge of the safety of PM's from Turd's efforts and this forum with those of my family and friends willing to listen. I, again, reiterate my appreciation to those (even Atlee) who are attempting to do so on a larger scale.

I offer my profound apologies to Pailin and Turd if I have harmed your efforts. As to you, Atlee, I bear you no ill will, your assumptions regarding my self sufficiency not withstanding.


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