Excellent Summary, by a "Natasha", on DC Political "Representatives"

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Excellent Summary, by a "Natasha", on DC Political "Representatives"

A comment by "Natasha" posted on ZH this morning, Sun, 07/24/2011 - 05:58


"When the banksters and the too big to fail corporates were plundering the US for tens of trillions, there wasn't a peep from Congress about not being able to afford it.

When the neo-cons wanted another war a mere few months ago, not a squalk out of Congress about the national debt.

When Big Sis wanted to buy Chertoff's porno-scanners, not a word out of Congress about an unecessary expenditure.

When DHS expanded dramatically under S-510 (the food bill) Congress rubber stamped it.

When Obama was in South America cutting deals to give away more US jobs, Congress never once considered that the loss in tax revenue would be counter-productive.

The thought of cutting billionaire corporate welfare and generous tax rebates (which indirectly subsidize their continued off-shoring efforts), Congress finds those programs untouchable.

When it comes to Afghani and Iraqui appointees stealing billions of dollars from the war chest, (not to mention the Pentagon's inability to keep track of their money) Congress doesn't blink.

While Bernanke funnells trillions to foreign banks and businesses, Congress turns the other way.

Granny's $700 a month -- string the witch up.

It's all a matter of priorities, and the multi-national conglomerates are at the very top of the heap.

Prediction: they will cut the social safety nets. In the end, Uncle Sam will funnel every last penny 'saved' straight into the pockets of the Too Big To Fail. i.e. the top .1%"

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