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#1 Sun, Jul 24, 2011 - 8:41am
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Log In Functionality Questions**

Hello Mods,

I log into this site from several devices. Iphone4, Desktop PC at home, Laptop for work

It seems that randomly, during the same day, I'm asked to log into the site again. I never clear my cookies on any of the devices. I have a few questions

1. Assuming no cookies are ever cleared on the devices, is there logic that would ever force to re login after a certain period of time?

2. Does logging in on one device force me to relogin when I come back to the other device?

3. Can we create a "remember username" function so that we dont have to type it in everytime?

4. I have auto-complete enabled in IE8 on both my Desktop and Laptop, yet when I log into the pop up window that this site uses, IE8 doesnt prompt me to remember my credentials like other websites do. Is this something that can be changed from the server side?

In the grand scheme of things these arent show stoppers but it does make it more difficult to come and makes posts on the site, especially when having to relogin using the iphone4's god awful keyboard. Any tips you can throw my way to make it so that I dont have type in my credentials multiple times per day would be really helpful! Thank you!


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