Who regulates the SEC? Past time to demand action

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Who regulates the SEC? Past time to demand action

Yesterday silver spot dropped 2.5% in an hour, beginning at about 1:30 PM on high volume, said to be yet another "raid," an illegal market manipulation by short sellers. Turd, Harvey, Santa, et al, stamp their feet and shake their fists at the sky about the "criminals."

WELL? Is it illegal or not!? If we do nothing, we get nothing - and we deserve what we get.

If this is the case, have we no recourse? We should register an appeal with someone like Rep. Ron Paul to investigate and conduct hearings. Paul serves on the Joint Economic Committee, and the Committee on Financial Services, and is Chairman of the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy. He's running for President; he should be ripe to make a big splash on behalf of the electorate.

Our elected officials are obligated to flush out wrongdoing and to respond to citizens who exercise their right to petition Congress. With enough participants, legislators may seize the opportunity to make points with voters.

Parcels and letters must go through a security process to detect anthrax and such, so they get delayed. Postcards are delivered right away.

We need a brief, irrefutable, fact-based appeal to solicit Ron Paul and other appropriate authorities to put a stop to the illicit shenanigans that are robbing small investors of their assets. This message must fit on a postcard; it must demand action; and all of us who insist on a free market should mail them and circulate them, asking others to join us.

Experienced traders: Will you help draft an accurate, concise and compelling appeal that others can copy and mail?

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