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#1 Mon, Jul 18, 2011 - 1:52pm
Chico, CA
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Image upload limit

I seem to have reached my limit for uploading pics to the server, I put up one picture of a bottle of beer I was drinking a few weeks back that was in retrospect a relatively large file. I have no way to go back and delete that file in the upload interface, and I have reached my 1 meg file limit so I can post any more pictures.

I know I could just hyperlink to images hosted elsewhere as many others are doing but in the long term this is kind of bad for the blog as those images may someday 404 and then the blog is littered with faulty image tags.

In the interest of keeping the data here on Turds site could we either

a) have the upload limit increased past 1mb


b) have a way to delete old files in the interface?

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