Consumer Confidence 63.8 on expectations of 72.2

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#1 Fri, Jul 15, 2011 - 10:01am
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Consumer Confidence 63.8 on expectations of 72.2

So consumers feel worse and thus spend less so The Bernanke's fears of deflation grow so QE3 gets little closer so stocks go up because people have less confidence.


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Fri, Jul 15, 2011 - 11:04am
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The markets will realize that Bernanke is serious when he says QE3 is not happening with the markets and economic numbers at these levels.

QE3 won't happen until the S&P is crashing down toward 1100 or lower and unemployment is around or above 10 percent.

Sorry to say it but metals WILL dip along with everything else. Keep stacking but exercise extreme caution about buying heavy into this rally.

Another thing that makes me question how much support these price levels have is how aggresively all of the bullion dealers are advertising right now. When gold was under $1500 recently I never got any emails or phone calls telling me "Now is the time to buy!" But as soon as silver jumped 5% and gold hit a new nominal high, my inbox filled with emails and my phone started ringing. If dealers were confident that these prices would hold strong I don't think they'd be aggressively trying to sell their bullion.