Foreclosures plunge in first half of 2011

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Foreclosures plunge in first half of 2011

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Foreclosure filings fell dramatically during the first half of the year as processing delays at the banks, which are strapped with excess inventory of repossessed homes, continued to skew the numbers -- and falsely raise hopes that the housing market is staging a recovery.

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Canada Home Prices to decline: TD

Hey Shill...

Interesting timing as i opened the pc and it loads to yahoo Canada - first article i read tonight along with the gf...

House prices to skid 10 percent over 2 years: TD

TORONTO (Reuters) - Canada's housing market is poised for a "moderate correction" over the next two years, with prices and resales due to slow because of subdued household income growth and rising interest rates, according to a report by economists at Toronto-Dominion Bank...



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