Comex Gold Spot Closes 2008 thru ? Spreadsheet

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Comex Gold Spot Closes 2008 thru ? Spreadsheet

For those who are interested in Gold history I have created a spreadsheet and posted it at Google Docs. I am using the Comex spot closing (1:30pm EDT) price as provided by CMI Gold & Silver. I had to back track to get these numbers with 2008 being the least accurate because I had to use Kitco daily London close. For the purposes of price movements and percentages it is serving it's purpose as you will see when you visit the document.

This is of course not and end all tool but a piece of information I hope will be of some use in your some your decisions in the Gold market. It can also be helpful to share with family and friends who are not at the present buying physical Gold. Be sure to note the year ending numbers.

I will update it on a daily basis and if I don't for a few days it will be because I am away but will bring it up to date when I return. Any feed back will be appreciated. You can get to the spreadsheet at this link ..... COMEX GOLD SPOT CLOSE

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