Gold Confiscation Happening Today

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Gold Confiscation Happening Today

I just saw a segment on FOXBusiness with Judge Napolitano. I hope you all know who this man is and follow him at 8:00 everynight on FreedomWatch. He's unreal and one of us.

The segment was about a family in Philly who opened a vault of their dead father and found all of these rare 1933 Gold Eagles that ultimately were appraised at ...get ready...$8,000,000 EACH!

The family had no idea in the beginning if the coins were real and took them to the the Mint or Treasury Dept. to have them authenticated.  The Dept. told the family they were indeed the real deal worth approx. $8 million each and told them they could not have them back and confiscated them under the assumption that they must have been stolen in 1933 and never turned in when FDR's  gold confiscation act took place.

WTF?!?!  This is a recent and ongoing case in Philly. Very worrisome development imo.

Watch the Judge is all I can say and hold onto your physical with both hands and then some.

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An epic lack of foresight, accuracy and rationale...

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Your hat tips were at 666 so

Your hat tips were at 666 so I bumped you up 1 yes


Can I offer you a drink? How about this expensive prostitute?

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There's more

This is an isolated case, the devil is in the details, much has been left out. To lump this case with the heading that "Gold confiscation happening today" is a false and misleading statement.

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Yep.....this family and the

Yep.....this family and the govt fighting over 10 coins that may, or may not, have left the mint legally, hardly qualifies as confiscation.  But it makes great internet hype.

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