part of prepping is spreading the word to others...

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part of prepping is spreading the word to others...

...about this blog, and about other sources of information you find useful.

I like the Christopher Greene videos, and wish more Americans had his brand of passion. Here is a recent message, I am thinking more and more along these lines with each passing day:

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Mon, Jul 11, 2011 - 9:17am
Joined: Jun 14, 2011

True leadership at

True leadership at last...clear and practical. What a relief after lies, spin, diversion from the sold-out!

This guy is absolutely right.

Sun, Jul 17, 2011 - 1:53am
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I've found saving money tends to be the best approach

Trust me I've been called every name in the book. I started about early 2007 after suffering my own personal disaster of an illness that left me 100% disabled. Anyway I swore I'd never be in that position again(No food, no money and no job). I tried to warn folks, but the more I said the worse the "Normalcy Bias" kicked in. But now everyone is paying more for less. Everyone complains about costs going up and wages are stagnant. I use bread baked at home costs about .40 cents per loaf (SWAG the energy cost). In a store you are are lucky to find bread for a dollar a loaf. Artisan breads are even higher at the store but my costs stay about the same no matter what bread I make. Saving 60 cents to $2.40 per loaf seems to get through to folks.

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