Japan - Earthquake - 7.1 aftershock July 09 2011

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Japan - Earthquake - 7.1 aftershock July 09 2011

This post to note


Aftershock off the cost of Eastern Honshu island, Japan.

2:57 PM Hawaii Standard Time July 09, 2011

Lat 38 N

Long 143.5 East

Depth is pending.

The 7.1 shaker is reported to have been off shore.
The US Pacific Tsunami warning center does not expect a Pacific wide tsunami threat from this particular aftershock.

I am posting to our forum in order to see if any people in Japan might be affected...I know we hae readers out there (or were out there prior to 3-11-11).

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Sat, Jul 9, 2011 - 10:11pm
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7.1 Aftershock Japan

Japanese TV - NHK news runs a scroll stating that the Japanese meteorology agency has issued Tsunami warning to citizens in the affected prefectures of Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima at 10 AM local Tokyo time. (50 cm tidal wave is expected for coastal Japan).

TEPCO - Tokyo Electric Power company is stating that the nuclear plants at Fukushima have not been affected by the aftershock. (gee, what is left to be affected at Daiichi TEPCO?).

In other news, contaminated beef from Fukushima is being searched for by the Tokyo government. The beef is contaminated with radioactive Cesium.

(Cesium has a 30 year half-life - so if you eat this contaminated beef, you might be affected for the rest of your shortened life).

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we live a few hundred kilometers from the affected area but the plate movement woke my wife this morning

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Mid morning when

Mid morning when the building swayed gently in Tokyo where I was. I was here for the 9.0 and all the rest of them since. In fact, I am heading up there in a couple of weeks to donate my jeep and some more supplies and to take a hot spring tour round Sendai to put some money (however small in the great scale of things) into the economy up there after the tsunami. I had planned to go to Hawaii for a vacation but changed my plans as it didn't seem right.

I have been here 21 years now and the 9.0 was not the first (but certainly the biggest) earthquake in that time. It is truly remarkable that, even after a 9.0 earthquake, the numbers of casualties and damage from the actual earthquake alone is so small. That stands up as a true testament to the technical expertise of their buildings and set up in general. Other countries could learn a great deal from them regarding this.

Anyway, 7.1 went by without too much fuss. Nobody skipped a beat. My regards and kind wishes to you all wherever you are :)

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7/13/2011 -- Global Earthquake and Volcano overview...

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