Financial Warfare with China- Jim Rickards

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Financial Warfare with China- Jim Rickards

A great listen. Jim Rickards believes China is in financial warfare with the US, and that they just  uped ante with this Asian Gold exchange. He believes that if the US get's desparate enough they'll confiscate Gold, use capital controls, or force us to use fiat currency. Maybe they won't exercise the option, but this is worth listening to. Maybe you want to think about diversifying your holdings abroad. Food for thought. Give it a listen and  provide feedback. Ciao!

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I totally soak up anything

I totally soak up anything and everything Rickards has to say.

That being said, I had this morning's interview on in the background while cooking breakfast and I guess maybe I didn't notice anything that was a new revelation for me.  My bad.

When it comes right down to it, I kind of think of my physical metals as my "offshore" account.  If they want to come looking house to house for it, all I got to say to them is  "Good Luck".  

Maybe I'll give it another listen later tonight.


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@JamesGRickards on Twitter

Jim (@JamesGRickards) seems to be an avid user of Twitter and tweets quite often, worth following if you're on Twitter.

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