The Secret of OZ

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The Secret of OZ

I just posted this in the gold forum..but I'll put it up here because it applies to silver as well.

I just came across the documentary The Secret of OZ (documents monetary history in America).  Anyone else seen this?

The conclusion seems to be that a return to a gold standard would NOT benefit the man on the street, rather it would benefit the banksters!
Could free silver be our only hope? Keep stackin the gray phyzz guys!!

The Secret of OZ

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Watch the video closely. The

Watch the video closely.

The solution is to stop paying interest on the money to the banksters.  The government should print its own money interest free.  They give a great example of Iceland who prospered for centuries that way.  And it is mentioned that the United States Prospered the same way for decades until the Banksters bribed our politicians into giving the Banksters interest in 1913.  Obviously the Banksters KNOW and the stupid politicians did not care about the effects of INTEREST COMPOUNDING for some 98 years now.  Their 99 year agreement will end in 2012 December.  But they are ahead of schedule.  They are allowing the Federal Reserve to take the blame and they are proposing a new worse money for our country.  They want to link up Europe and USA money into ONE World Gov money.  WE WILL THUS NO LONER HAVE SOVEREIGNTY.  WE WILL NO LONGER HAVE FREEDOM.  WE WILL NO LONGER BE AN INDEPENDENT COUNTRY.  THE BANKSTERS WILL OWN USA.  that is there plan and it will work because all the politicians are corrupted by the money of the federal reserve.  unlimited money to bribe all politicians and buy the country. 


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There is a similar

There is a similar thread:


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Just watched it on youtube,

Just watched it on youtube, (why doesnt his sites integration allow fullscreen or linking offsite in flash?) what I didn't really get is why an economy fails if there's a shortage of money? Wouldn't money just rise in purchasing power?

I liked the history lesson of the documentary, and how open those banksters were about it then, they must have perfected their game this many years down the road. At what stage are we now? The artificial panic where 40% of the money is destroyed? What happened in the past, and what does this mean for us now?

Even if gold as a monetary standard is not good, it might still be good to own during times of transition like we're in now.

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suggest read FOFOA

You may have to go back some into archives - but this is the better way to go - Physical Gold as a standard of savings - with fiat currencies floating:

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