questioning all data

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questioning all data

Does anyone really believe the Fed's stated numbers (how much QEI & QEII related printing)? Is it even possible to verify those numbers? Truly verify them. And who's to say last week's market action wasn't part of a covert printing / psy op thing? And who's to say today's action wasn't plunge protection? And if so, how much, if any, printing was involved? And who's to say the stated US debt of 14.5 trillion isn't really much much more? Is it even possible to truly verify those figures? Is it possible the US dollar is actually worth far less than the charts show? Like today's BLS number, in actuality much worse because of the Birth/Death adjustment, what a total joke the world financial system has become.

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Good questions, all.  Truth

Good questions, all.  Truth is, our government has a history of lying to protect itself and to make itself look better than it actually is...  My guess is that things are far worse than we actually see.  As such, what they are doing is exaccerbating the problem by hiding it and the result is a greater catastrophy when they finally lose the ability to keep all these plates spinning.

Hope for the best, but better prepare for the worst!


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