My thought on today's Jobs Report

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My thought on today's Jobs Report

I was thinking to myself, they always know these numbers ahead of time. So they had to know the jobs number was total stink.

Then I saw this article:

​As a surprisingly weak jobs report sent shockwaves through the financial markets Friday, investors scrambled into the safe harbor of Treasury bonds. Some bond bulls said the 10-year yield could fall to 2.75% in coming weeks should the ecomic data continue to deteriorate.

​Now that QE2 is finished, there is no guaranteed purchaser of US bonds, and there's an auction coming up soon - and the auction needs to look good.

​So, do you think they could be this nefarious, that instead of their usual pumping up the jobs number to make the economy look good, they run the stock market up a little and then tank the job numbers - causing a panic flight into bonds and ensuring a good treasury auction? The market ran up high enough the past few days that today's pullback doesn't look too horrible to main street, and you also get some bond buyers back into the market in a hurry.

What do you guys think? Am I on the right track? I get better at reading between the media's lines the longer I hang around this place...

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