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Tue, Aug 9, 2011 - 3:00pm
Woody Mornings
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Ebay ?

Hi yall......

You might have seen the post below on todays comments section. I'm directing this question mainly to original poster of this thread, "ebaybullion".......but would also like to hear from others.

So is the post below true? Can one really do this? I was thinking of selling recently but I'll take my business elsewhere if someone can easily open a return against me.

Ebay Secret: Win / Win situation

Submitted by 50Jim on August 9, 2011 - 2:32pm. Hat Tip! 3

Ebay has a policy that you can return gold / silver up to 45 days after purchasing it with a full refund including shipping. So, you could buy say "10" 1 oz. Gold Eagles at current price and if it goes down within 45 days, you write to the seller and tell him or her you were dissattified with the sale ....and they have to refund your money in full.

I sold silver on Ebay when it hit $42 at the end of July. The customer wrote me last night and said he was not happy with the transaction. (actually he has buyers remorse because silver has dropped in price) . I spent 45 mins. on the phone with Ebay expaining that my return policy was, if there was a problem with the auction to report it immediately after receipt of the silver. They told me that the buyer has the right to change his mind up to 45 days from the sale. I went over the senario above and said " what if I purchase 10 gold eagles and the market dropped to $1200 per oz. , would the seller have to refund me 45 days later. She replied that they would freeze the buyers bank account for the funds and I would get my full refund."

So, purchase you gold and silver , if the price drops ask for a refund. I don't see it dropping, but if you want guarantees in life, here is one.


Wed, Sep 21, 2011 - 11:36pm
pink freud
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Hey Woody! Nice find!

but I dont think Brooke is coming back hahaha

I received an email the other day stating "you will no longer receive eBay bucks for bullion purchases"

This will cause the bullion sales to suffer. I stopped selling in 09, now I will not buy there. You can find pm's cheaper anywhere. Look at the sellers with their own websites. For instance 'Talisman' , They have a online store out of St Louis. You can buy stuff waaaaaay cheaper directly from them.

Shot themselves in the foot, eBay did. Its the fee's stupid's.

May eBay rot in hell with their outrageous fees.

Mon, Oct 24, 2011 - 5:43pm
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Wish I had seen this thread

Wish I had seen this thread when it was really active. As a long time Panda bullion collector I would have loved to give the Ebay rep a piece of my mind on the preponderance of fakes and the limited/convoluted means of reporting them for takedown.

Anyway, Ebay is on a downhill slide and I blame the CEO. He placed short term profits over long term health of the business. So he goosed the fees, got a few quarters of impressive numbers, and drove out the long-term sellers to greener pastures.

Now Amazon and specialty e-tailers have eaten Ebay's lunch, leaving only the Chinese knock-off dealers and their fake handbags. For sellers there is too much red tape and too many fees to justify the effort. For buyers there are just as many problems with various scams and SNAD auctions.

When it comes to bullion, Ebay may be useful for some especially rare/unique bullion items, but otherwise it is one of the most overpriced and inconvenient places to shop.