'Meltdown' - CBC Documentary on tonight

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'Meltdown' - CBC Documentary on tonight

Hi Fellow Turdidians...

I know this is really last minute, but for the Canadian T's out there - their was (and still is upcoming on the west coast) a CBC Documentary on tonight called, 'Meltdown' - Examining the secret history of the global financial collapse.

I haven't watched it yet - im waiting to watch the 11pm EST replay on the box from the west coast timezone...It will be interesting to see what they say and present...

Hopefully someone else caught this or can still get a chance too...but i'm not sure about viewing for our American friends...

I wonder what the motive and reasoning to show this documentary on a major Canadian network...what and why now?


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Dang.  Missed it.  Thanks for

Dang.  Missed it.  Thanks for posting though.

For anyone curious the CBC is Canada's gov't owned media outlet.  Much like the BBC is for Great Britain.    Sure some politics shows through but generally high quality productions with reasonably low bias.   And material that 'mainstream' wouldn't think is popular enough for ad revenue.


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