No new printing?

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No new printing?

Saw on yahoo today, an article stating that no new $10 bills were printed last year and new $5 were at thirty year lows. $100s on the other hand were being spit out at a rapid pace. The reason was that bills last longer in circulation. For some reason I think the cause is something else. Thoughts anyone?

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They last longer

They last longer cause only the bankers can afford to have them. The rest of us 99% cant seem to even remember what a 100 bill looks like.

If you are referring to hyperinflation I dont think that is the reason as most people use cards now a days. We should all go back to cash and use it as much as possible. This is one easy way to take profits from banks for transaction fees, less tracking of what you do, and it makes it harder for them to come up with only digital currencies. Hell when all you have to use is a card you will be screwed. I guess thats the point. Track every transaction so you can be monitored like the slave that you are.(not you but I am sure you know what I mean)

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Also, at least cash can be

Also, at least cash can be used to fuel a fire or write a grocery list on (a small one).

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