Update and Thanks

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#1 Wed, Jul 6, 2011 - 2:17am

Update and Thanks

Update, on what I have learned over the past eight days.

First and most important is that this is the best site with the best people on the internet. Everyone on here is helpful, kind, understanding and supportive.

Second is that I have been given so much information that I will be busy for awhile. There is so much, that I must be careful not neglect my other duties.

After reading for 30 plus hours for the past week this is what I figured out. I was reading about marked to marketing accounting. From what I can tell is that this is done on the trust system by people who have no interest in being honest and nobody is watching them. Well maybe they are watching but they have interests too. So if, I am right, unless you have inside position this stuff is more like a slot machine than a game of skill.

Thus, one must learn to read charts and determine when basic principles will simply bully over the manipulators. At least that is how I am seeing things right now.

I also learned that buying physical silver isn't like buying shoes. You have to wait until the supply is available. Im not too sure at all about this gold thing. It appears to not have nearly the practicle uses that silver does. So I haven't figured out why gold is worth more. I have also learned that I am trying to learn too much too fast and that I need a new keyboard because my enter space just quit working. So a sincere thank you to all that cared enough to help me. I was so scared to actually post. And all I got was kindness for taking that step.

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