Fed. Reserve: "We Have No Gold"

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Fed. Reserve: "We Have No Gold"

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An epic lack of foresight, accuracy and rationale...

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Yes it's proving very

Yes it's proving very difficult for Ron Paul to find out who does have the gold, how much gold there is (if any) and so on.  At the least silly bureaucratic games.  At the worst, a fraud on the people.


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Let the investigations begin!

Let the investigations begin! /end sarcasm

Ron Paul is the man. That is all.


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Two card Monty

For years Ron Paul has been playing two card Monty with these SFB's and those before them, he always gets the same results every time he plays the game,  every time he lose's.

I give him prop's for keeping on the subject, and an Epic fail for results.......We are talking about a Senior congress critter who holds some high internal committee positions, and he still cant find out who holds the gold............he needs to send Rand to Fort Knox and be done with it.

There comes a time when you quit asking and start demanding.

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