Fear and Group Neurosis

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Fear and Group Neurosis

Reading this article about this young man in Indiana who pulled a harmless prank on the last day of school pushes my buttons. ((bear with me, please)). The young man faces up to 8 years in prison and a felony record because "Administrators feared... ".

Read it again, please. "Administrators feared... ".

Reminds me of what I read on this site sometimes. I mean no disrespect, but if 'we', those who consider themselves 'awake' are among those who are participating in group neurosis, who will have sound judgment when the turmoil in life comes? The 'shit' that hits the fan comes in many forms and it doesn't just come from the FED or the federal government. 'Shit' happens all the time. One only needs to read this article to see what crazy irrational things people do when they 'fear'. Come on, fellow Turdites. Let's make an effort to get a grip on our fear.


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Back in high school after columbine, a friend of mine yelled out in the halls exclaiming that the school play was going to ,"Bomb", meaning, the performance would not be accepted very well, so he was expelled for this statement.

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