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Post and Hat Tip Whores

I would like to preface my remarks by saying Turd has done an amazing job and is doing a great service to many people and in no way are my comments intended to reflect poorly on his efforts or this site.

I think the majority of posters here have things to say that are: useful, informative, witty, insightful; or are newbies/anyone asking good questions or friendly posters that just want to chat! Great! I'm not here to judge.

A few though just seem to post random nonsense/minutiae - ad infinitum. I'm guilty of it sometimes, I'm sure many are - no prob - but when it happens dozens of times a day everyday sometimes you start to suspect someone is just trying to get their post count/hat tip count up to give themselves legitimacy.

I've seen it happen on other forums, for example on (name of a baby fox)co, there is one poster who just posts his trades for the day or other three or four word meaningless posts - all the time - and he has a high post count now so a lot of the newbies pay attention to what he says - and I think it is partly due to his high post count - and he jumps all over anyone who brings up JPM manipulation - he could be a paid troll.

I guess the best way is to look at the post/hat tip ratio, if it is high, then people don't appreciate/respect what they are posting.

I think a list of the worst offenders would also be useful - so we wouldn't have to waste our time clicking on their new posts or threads to check out their post/hat tip ratio. Good idea or not necessary?

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