The "See Google Map" Location service in the forums should be turned OFF by default

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#1 Mon, Jul 4, 2011 - 7:13pm
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The "See Google Map" Location service in the forums should be turned OFF by default

Feature Modification Request: The "See Google Map" Location service should be turned OFF by default. In fact this service should not even exist on a forum like this.

Guys I was alarmed to see that my IP address was used to google map my location, especially since this feature was added without my knowledge. This is NOT the type of forum where such a feature should exist and it definitely should be disabled by default.

There's a reason Turd wears sunglasses, a hat, and has an alias when posting. He wants a certain level of privacy, no? So the posters should be just as protected as he is.

I have to say this was very disappointing for me to see this turned on, especially considering how personal some of the posts and information is that people are sharing here. Trust me when I say this moderators, noone in this forum would want their locations disclosed without first being asked. I'm frankly very disappointed that this was even implemented. Please use much caution when even considering giving away someone's geographic location.

To anyone reading this, you can turn the feature off by clicking "My Account" then clicking the checkbox for "Delete This Location"


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