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Jason King
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For UK and European buyers

Here are a few thoughts on the places where I have been buying my PMs on this side of the Atlantic ...

* Bullionvault - I prefer to have my biggest holding with them in Zurich purely because it is so cheap and convenient

* Bairds - - A bit pricey and slow to deliver if you are not paying by bank transfer, though a 100% reputable nonetheless

* Sarnia Silver - - Well worth considering again if prices take a dive, as it was not too in the distant past that Paul was selling 1 oz ASE's vat and postage free for under £18.00

*Coinvestdirect - - This lot are my current favourite as they are cheaper and have a bigger selection than the above two. You can track your deliveries from Germany on UPS too

On the whole I tend to find coin shops sleazy places that are full of men with tatooes and a sov on each knuckle (with a sov around the neck instead for the ladies) so I tend to avoid them. I would use him up in Blackpool more if he kept his website more up to date telling you what he actually has and what he wants for it. However when I am in Germany I love visiting this lot (especially for the reduced VAT on silver) Their Berlin branch has the demeanor of a Swiss private bank and its cash and carry so no one knows what you actually have bought which is appealing should HMRC ever decide to poke their noses into who owns what

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