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Corporate Taxes

I have been rather surprised recently to learn that many Turdites believe the same thing: that corporate taxes are inevitably passed on to consumers. While I am against income tax in principle, I find this particular position troubling, particularly because almost every single person who made a comment about the corporate tax comment in my recent video used the exact same words. That is usually an indication of brainwashing. Somewhere, you all got programmed with the belief that there is no such thing as corporate tax, only costs that are passed on to consumers.

First of all, why do you think that corporations don't already charge the maximum price the market will bear for their goods and services? Isn't the law of pricing being determined by supply and demand the most immutable force of economics?

Secondly, corporations have - in the last few decades - assumed a host of enormous new expenses, such as hiring lobbyists, forming political action committees, and other blatant (and largely successful) attempts to bend public policy to their benefit. Why don't you object to those costs being passed on to consumers?

For many years, one of my main problems with the three major political parties - Democrat, Republican and Libertarian - is the degree to which they serve the corporate interests. I am surprised to see that the free-thinking Turdite community has swallowed hook, line and sinker the corporate propaganda that what's good for corporations is good for America.

Folks, big corporations are not your friend. The definition of fascism is "The corporate state." The definition of plutocracy is "Government by the wealthy." We are currently living under a system that is a combination of the two. In my mind, government and big business (including the banking industry) are two heads on the same monster.

Again, it's not that I'm in favor of raising corporate taxes (I'd rather see the entire income tax system thrown out and replaced with with one of the many excellent alternatives that have been suggested), I'm just troubled to see Turdites repeating the same corporate message in unison.

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