Exporting Gold from USA to EU

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Exporting Gold from USA to EU

Hello to all Turdites... this my first post.

For all of you that are interested in exporting your gold out of the USA to another country, in this case the EU I would like to share my experience for everyone's benefit. I recently moved from Los Angeles to Spain.. After years of wanting to Escape from LA and Obamanation, I finally put my a$$ where my mouth is. Packed up a container and rolled out. Like most of you, I have no confidence in the single ply non-quilted USD nor the euro for that matter when it comes to preserving my savings.

My biggest concern was how do I take my "money" thru TSA and customs... one idea was to mail it but, I do not want to part with my booty. Other idea was to melt them down to chains and a big belt buckle wear them thru customs, no taxes but you can see the ship sailing low from the new world.. and I do not want to deal with pirates. Fortunately for us, there is still a loophole... If you carry investment grade gold minted by a government that is of legal tender (in my case $50usd G'Buffs), that's the price it will be valued at. This is important because you have to declare any monetary instrument over 10K. They are not going to logon to kitco and bust out a scale and a calc. 199 gold coins (just to be safe) can be transported without filling out a FinCen form. OK, sounds good right.. lets do it.. I pack up my Au and headed out to the airport. Of course the bells and whistles went off going thru the scanners.. I told the TSA officer I wanted a private screening; he said no problem. I showed him my coins and he did not count them. Then, he asked where he could buy some after I told him my reasons for owning gold after a friendly chat. Arrived to Spain w/ no hassles and that was it. BTW silver gets taxed from what I have read??? no problem.. convert to gold... sell... buy silver... Like all advise you get on the internet, do your own DD.

I pity the fools that own paper gold and fiatz...

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Happy trails..

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