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Silver Viral Project


It is time to end the manipulation of silver and gold by the Federal Reserve and the banks, mainly JP Morgan and HCBC. They are trying to keep the citizens of this country out of these precious metals by creating instability of the daily trading in the COMEX and the London exchange. Their interference keeps the prices cheaper at US taxpayer’s expense while other nations, mainly China, Russia, India and others, reap the benefits buying and accumulating silver and gold at a bargain. The future of the US Dollar as an international currency is coming to an end and other countries are positioning themselves to benefit by having large silver and gold reserves on which the new international currency will be based.

In the absence of CFTC (U.S. Commodity Trading Commission) supervision of the operations of CME Group and its subsidiary COMEX (Commodity Exchange, Inc.) in New York, hundreds if not thousands of illegal transactions by these bankers have been made. This has been done glaringly in the face of the CFTC with complete disregard for trading policies and it has become obvious that if investigated, criminal corruption at the highest levels will be found.

Thousands upon thousands of small investors have been ruined to achieve these mischievous and nefarious purposes to prop fiat currencies which are not only the US dollar, but paper currencies of all countries to support the failed economic policies of this and other administrations.

The US Dollar used to be backed by gold reserves and people could redeem those dollars for gold. The new dollars are printed and backed by the Federal Reserve, which is not a branch of the Federal Government, but a private entity. The Fed, as is commonly called, was commissioned by the US Congress in 1913 and congress is charged with oversight. However, to this day, congress has not had the authority and have been denied an audit of the Federal Reserve, which is made up of bankers. In reality, they are a separate and independent branch of government responsible to no one, even to the citizens of this country or their representatives.

The time has come to beat the bankers at their own game and that is why our friends at SilverDoctors have started the Silver Viral Project, where you will find all the information you need to support and participate in the project as well. Lonerangersilver has decided to support and aid this project.

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Fri, Jul 1, 2011 - 3:25am
Dr. Sandi
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Something smells worse than horse poopie here!

Dear Ranger...

Re: Silver Viral Project

I have this bad feeling that one day, you're going to wake up with Silver's head on the pillow next to yours. Just the head.

His tender parts will be sizzling on somebody's grill on the far end of Long Island.

No telling where YOUR tender parts will end up.

This whole thing looks like an anarchist in cop boots to me.

Watch your back, that's all I'm saying.